MAGS New Membership Application and Information


  • To apply for membership, complete the Online MAGS Membership Application (see the MAGS website for a list of current MAGS member institutions )
  •  Accredited North American institutions currently granting graduate degrees are eligible to apply for membership in MAGS.
  • Membership applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee, which makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.  Final approval is made by the MAGS membership at the annual business meeting.  Membership is completed by the payment of MAGS annual dues.
  • Membership in MAGS is held at the institutional level.  Each member institution shall designate one official representative to cast official votes on behalf of the institution.  Member institutions may send as many delegates or participants to meetings as it desires.
  • Associate membership, carrying all privileges except that of voting, may be extended to any institution contemplating the offering of graduate work, or any institution offering graduate work but not fully accredited as defined above, for such period as determined by majority vote of the Executive Committee.
  • Further details about membership policies can be found in the MAGS Constitution
Questions regarding new MAGS memberships may be directed to: Taunya Plater, MAGS Membership Committee Chair at [email protected].
All other inquiries regarding MAGS memberships should be directed to: Jennifer Ziegler, MAGS Secretary/Treasurer at [email protected].