MAGS Annual Meeting Proceedings


Meeting Proceedings (Year) Location
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70th Annual Meeting (2014) Chicago, IL
69th Annual Meeting (2013) Minneapolis, MN
68th Annual Meeting (2012) Chicago, IL
67th Annual Meeting (2011) Milwaukee, WI
66th Annual Meeting (2010) Cincinnati, OH
65th Annual Meeting (2009) Kansas City, MO
64th Annual Meeting (2008) St. Louis, MO
63rd Annual Meeting (2007) Indianapolis, IN
62nd Annual Meeting (2006) Chicago, IL
61st Annual Meeting (2005) Kansas City, MO
60th Annual Meeting (2004) St. Louis, MO
59th Annual Meeting (2003) Minneapolis, MN
58th Annual Meeting (2002) Chicago, IL
57th Annual Meeting (2001) St. Louis, MO


NOTE: Proceedings from meetings prior to 2001 are held in hard copy with the MAGS Secretary/Treasurer and with The Council of Graduate Schools.